July 2, 2015

Family Summer Bucket List

My daughter always complains that we never do anything fun during summer break. So, this year, I created a "Summer Bucket List" that we can all enjoy as a family to make this summer a memorable one!

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It's a simple list of 31 fun family activities. Most of the activities are free or require little cost. The Paint with Ice Cubes activity is a fun art project for those hot summer days. I will write about it in another blog post. Also, the 31st activity I listed is at the very bottom and it's an "Unplug Day". It'll be a day where all electronics are turned off! We'll have to entertain ourselves like cavemen used to do! Oh the horror! Just kidding, kind of.

We won't be doing this list in order. The goal is just to cross off as much of the list as we can before the summer ends and make some wonderful new memories along the way. I hope we can try and do something everyday or at least every other day.

I know summer started last month, so I am a little behind, but we still have another 7 weeks of summer break to do all 31 of these activities. Wish us luck!

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