About Me

The Mommy: Mabby Joy
 Wife | Mommy | Design Tech | Engineering Student | Volunteer | Blogger

I am a wife and mommy living in Las Vegas! I am happily married and we have 2 beautiful children. I work full-time as a design technician in the Substation Engineering Dept. at a local utility company and I am currently pursuing a degree in engineering. Ultimately I would like to become an electrical engineer. I enjoy cooking, crafting, decorating, organizing, reading, architecture, party planning, and spending time with my family and friends. Penguins, purple, Pinterest, and Christmas are a few of my favorite things! My goals in life are to retire young, travel the world, custom build our own home, and to raise my children to live happy, fulfilling lives, with my husband by my side! I have old-fashioned morals and beliefs, but I consider myself a 'modern mommy' because I do not fit into the mold of a stay-at-home mom. Even though I may not be the traditional idea of what a mom should be, I am still equally as loving, involved, attentive, and supportive of my family! I may play many roles, but being a mommy and wife are definitely my favorite!

The Daddy: Eric

Eric and I met in high school when I was a sophomore and he was a junior. Eric works full-time as a CNA at a local hospital and he is currently pursing a degree in Nursing. His ultimate career goal is to be a Nurse Anesthetist. Eric is the most loving, supportive, funny, romantic, goofy, and understanding man I know! He is a loving husband and daddy. Through all of life's ups and downs, we continue to ride this roller coaster together, hand-in-hand! Our journey together hasn't always been easy, but through faith, communication, love, and respect, we have been able to overcome everything life has thrown at us. We have struggled as a young couple, getting married at the ages of 18 and 21, and becoming young parents shortly after. Even though we ended up starting our family earlier than we planned, all of our trials and tribulations have created this unbreakable bond between us. We value every single thing in our lives because we worked hard for it and earned it together!

The Kids: Kaelyn & Liam
We have been blessed with 2 happy, smart, and beautiful children, both inside and out. Our eldest is our daughter Kaelyn Noelle. She loves to read, do arts and crafts, and wants to be a Teacher when she grows up. She is a very sweet and caring young girl. She does get very emotional sometimes but that's because she has such a big heart. She is a girly girl but is still able to keep up with the boys! She is a great big sister and is always willing to be Mommy and Daddy's helper. She is very organized and makes to-do-lists just like her Mommy. She really is my mini-me! Even though we had her at such a young age, we are forever grateful of her for making us parents. It is our most favorite role by far! Our youngest is our son, Liam Christopher. He is an energetic little boy who loves to cuddle and laugh! He is a rambunctious little guy who loves trains, climbing things, and making loud noises. He is the splitting image of his Daddy and has his gentle personality as well! He can be very sweet at times but can also be very dramatic. He's cute and he knows it, so he uses that to his advantage. He loves the ladies and is always looking for a kiss or a hug from them! When he first meets people, he is very shy, but he will give you a firm handshake or a high five if you ask! He is a definite mommy's boy who wants to be just like his daddy and thinks his sister is the funniest person in the world! He is very curious and wants to explore everything! He is still learning to talk but he has mastered the art of running and screaming at the top of his lungs. When our Liam was born, our family became complete!

The Blog: 'Mommy's Modern Life'

For a long time now, my friends and family have been encouraging me to write a blog. They would see how I organize things, my DIY projects, and my home-cooked meals, and they would tell me that I should blog about it so that they could learn to do it too! I would also get a lot of questions about how I am able to balance my husband, kids, home, work, school, Church, and friends, all while still saving some time for myself! So, in September 2013, I decided to finally start yet another role in my life and become a Blogger! 'Mommy's Modern Life' went live on October 7, 2013! Note: This blog is NOT meant to be my daily journal! Instead, I will use it to share my DIY projects, favorite recipes, tips and tricks, personal insights and reflections, my challenges as a working mom/wife/student, and anything else that I do or have learned that I hope can interest and motivate others! My goal with this blog is to inspire other modern mommies that they CAN do it all! Please know, I am NOT 'Super Mom'. I am just a regular mommy who has somehow been able to juggle my many roles in life! In this blog, I will only share what I know and what I believe in. Hopefully I can inspire people through my experiences and challenges that I have overcome! I want to encourage other mommies that even though it may be very difficult to play many roles, you CAN balance it all and enjoy it too! We can be modern mommies together! Take this journey with me and let us learn together!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael Yenor Photography
LOGO CREDIT: Justine Cortez at Sweet Vivienne Design Studio


  1. I disagree, I think you ARE A SUPERMOM! Your kids are so cute! :)

  2. Wow! Mabby you are a super-mom! You may deny it all you want, but the truth stands out. Do you have more than 24 hours a day? You probably do unlike most of us who crave for more. Hahahahaha! God bless you all!