October 27, 2013

DIY - Baby's 1st Pumpkin

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For those who are celebrating Halloween for the first time with your little ones, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS PROJECT! It's a great way to make your child's 1st Halloween a little bit more special!

We did this with our son last Halloween when he was 5-months-old! We used his precious little hands and feet as the template to create the face of his very 1st jack-o-lantern! It's a great way to make baby's 1st pumpkin customized just for them! It's a simple DIY project that can help you capture this special moment in their life! 

What you need:
  • Pumpkin
  • Marker
  • Pumpkin carving knife
  • Pumpkin seed scooper or a Spoon
  1. Trace your baby's hands and feet onto a side of the pumpkin to create the jack-o-lantern's eyes and mouth.
  2. With your carving knife, cut around the stem of the pumpkin to create a big enough opening to fit your hand in. Set stem aside.
  3. Scoop out all the pumpkin seeds inside and make the inside as smooth as you can.
  4. Once clean, cut out the hands and toes you marked on the pumpkin. Note: When doing their feet, make sure to cut out the toes individually to create a more distinct looking foot.
  5. Once face is all carved out, insert any lighting you want (optional) then put stem back on top.
Now you can take all the precious photos of your child with their one-of-a-kind 1st pumpkin! It would be especially cute to take pictures of them with it while in their costumes! Hope you guys enjoy this project and are able to capture some great photos to help remember your child's 1st Halloween!
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  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! Sadly, I have already carved our pumpkins this year, but I will definitely be saving this for our next baby! Btw, your son is adorable!!!

  2. Super cute!! :D

  3. How did u get yours so perfect? I tried this as well but couldn't get his hands to stay still long enough to trace them ��

    1. It actually took us awhile to perfectly trace his hands and feet onto the pumpkin! It was a lot of trial and error! We had to give him breaks! lol. But, maybe try it when he's sleeping or trace his hands and feet onto a separate piece of paper or dip them into finger paint onto the paper. Then tape the paper on top of the pumpkin and use that as a template to carve. That may be easier? Hope that helps! Good luck!