October 17, 2013

25 Truths from a Modern Mommy

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All mommies enter motherhood with a set of expectations and assumptions of the kind of mother they would like to be, but there are times where we fall short. We are human. We aren’t perfect. But you know what, THAT’S OKAY. 

Being a mommy is tough and we put so much pressure on ourselves to be "perfect" or "super-mom", but I've learned that sometimes you just have to let go and LAUGH! We do silly things. We do things that we're embarrassed to admit. We have weird mommy quirks that not everyone can understand. So, today I'm sharing with you 25 of MY Mommy Truths to let you know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! However, if you ARE a mommy who is NOT guilty of ANYTHING embarrassing, then at least you can have some giggles at my expense! :)

  1. Sometimes I let the TV babysit my kids so I can clean the house or cook dinner.
  2. When I’m exhausted and the kids pick a long book, I’ll skip multiple pages and paraphrase some sentences so that “the end” comes quicker. (But now it’s harder to fake it since my daughter can read!)
  3. On nights when I’m too lazy to cook, fast food it is!
  4. I pretend to use the bathroom to have some quiet time.
  5. I can stare at my kids sleeping and listen to them breathing for hours in a creepy, stalker-ish kind of way. But, one time my daughter woke up and it freaked her out, so now I mostly just do it to my 16-month-old.
  6. I wake up my kids when they are sleeping soundly in their beds and make them cuddle with me in mine just because I miss them or if there’s a thunderstorm.
  7. Every time my daughter asks me for a toy, I tell her that I’ll get it for her birthday. But that only works for so long because now she remembers EVERYTHING!
  8. Sometimes I bribe my kids with food and/or money.
  9. I eat my kid’s Halloween candy or goody bag treats after they go to bed.
  10. When I give my daughter a choice of 2 things and she ends up choosing what I didn’t want, I say things to convince her to choose what I really wanted. (I’m pretty sure I use this technique with my husband too).
  11. I eat my kids’ leftovers. Even if they’re cold and there may be a chance that they have been chewed and spit out beforehand.
  12. I dance silly in public to embarrass my kids. That's my excuse for dancing badly and I'm sticking to it!
  13. I have accidentally fallen asleep while playing with my kids.
  14. Chuck E Cheese is my worst nightmare.
  15. I'm the sappy mom who cried on the first day of school and didn't leave until she entered her classroom.
  16. I make sure my kids nap or have "quiet time" just to keep my sanity.
  17. I realize kids are a great excuse to get out of things I don't want to do.
  18. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I need a mommy time out.
  19. I'm so protective of my babies that I’ve thought about beating up the mean kid at the playground that pushed MY baby, but then I think “mmm… better not.”
  20. I tell my kids “mommy and daddy were just wrestling.”
  21. I sometimes have more fun playing with my kids' toys than they do!
  22. When I'm supposed to be "tough" mom or have my kids "cry-it-out", I sometimes sneak hugs and kisses to them so they don't feel bad.
  23. I will make my kids re-enact moments just so I can catch it on camera! (But to be honest, it’s never as good as when they first did it! Boo.)
  24. I like the way my kids smell. Sometimes I just like to sniff them.
  25. Changing a poopy diaper is the worst! I will never get used to it. EVER.

So, there you have it! Those are 25 Truths from a Modern Mommy! I am FAR from perfect and I am a bit embarrassed to admit many of these things, but so what! I don’t do these things all the time, but they are things I have done or thoughts I have had at least ONCE during mommyhood and there is nothing wrong with that! That doesn’t make me a bad mom! It just gives me some funny stories to share!

 If you are a mommy (or even a daddy) and have your own "Truths" to ADD, please COMMENT them below! (And you can be ANONYMOUS if you want!)

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  1. Here are a few that I have done/ still do!
    I breastfed Jaiden for the first year and sometimes I would be so exhausted that I would fall asleep will him still latched on and would wake up later still sitting up but we both would be drenched in milk. Not fun! haha.
    I'll go to the bathroom to go pee but end up staying on the toilet for another 10 minutes and pretend I'm pooping just so I can be alone.
    If I want to cuddle but Jaiden doesn't want to sometimes I'll make myself cry so he will cuddle with me.
    Sometimes if I'm having a bad day I'll bribe Jaiden with candy so he'll tell me I'm pretty haha.
    When we are at the park and a kid pushes or is mean to Jaiden and the parent doesn't scold them, I will scold them haha. No one is mean to my baby!
    Even if Jaiden wants to sleep in his 'big boy bed' I make him sleep in bed with me because I'm afraid to sleep alone.
    :) You're not alone!

    1. Thanks for sharing your truths Maddi! But when I want my kids to cuddle with me, I just force them to, no exceptions! I end up sometimes making them cry instead because of it! haha! Oh well, at least I can do it until they become bigger than me! lol

  2. I'd much rather cuddle with my son than my husband. He's more squishy haha

  3. Truth! Glad to see i'm not the only one! :)