September 3, 2014

DIY Lunch Menu (Free Word File)

No more lunch complaints! This "DIY Lunch Menu" allows our daughter to have a say in her lunch options but still gives my husband and I full control of what she can choose from! Yes, we are sneaky!

We no longer hear, "Peanut butter and jelly AGAIN?!" or "Lunch wasn't very good". Instead, our daughter chooses what she wants based off the menu we made together and now we are ALL happy. She can choose her lunch depending on what she's craving and we know that she's choosing a balanced meal.

We let her choose one protein, a carb, a fruit, a veggie, and a treat. We only let her drink water at school, so I don't have a "Choose a Drink" portion, but any parent can easily modify theirs to have it!

Here is the lunch menu that we made with our daughter:
The DIY Lunch menu we made with our daughter
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The proteins that have an asterisk (*) are only allowed to be accompanied by chips since we felt like the meal already had a lot of carbohydates. If she chose a protein that didn't have an asterisk, then she could choose a carb to pair with it.

We used the menu for the first time on her 1st day of school and I was able to prep everything the night before. In the morning, I just had to put everything in her lunchbox with her ice pack and she was good to go!

It's also a great shopping list when you go to the store so it helps you make sure to always have these ingredients on hand! 

Our daughter's most recent lunch choice: Ham and cheese sandwich, chips, straw berries, carrots w/ ranch, and a rice krisie treat!

YUM! She loved it!

Below is the word file of the menu template we made. You can download it and either print it out yourself (we printed it on cardstock and hung it on our fridge door) or modify it to accommodate your family's lunch choices!

I hope this makes lunch prep a lot less stressful! It has helped make lunch prep at our house a more enjoyable experience! There are no longer any complaints about what our daughter had for lunch! Make sure to create the menu WITH your children! Good luck!

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